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Booking Live Music for your Wedding - The Process

The question has been popped, the planning has begun. Lets talk about live music and how it can contribute to your big day!

Having live music is such a great way to add that extra touch to your event. It gives your guests something to listen to while they're still warming up, and fills the gaps between conversation. It sets the tone for the festivities and can help to grow the overall 'vibe' and lift everyone's spirits!

But, it doesn't 'just happen'

You have enough on your plate, so music should be one less thing to worry about. My commitment is to keep things simple, honest and stress free.

My simple booking process is as follows...

1. Quote Request

A client sends through their quote request form. If they already know which package they're leaning toward, I'll get started on the pricing straight away.

If they're still unsure about which option will suit the event, or confused about wanting to combine options (e.g. solo acoustic for ceremony & canapes, then DJ and vocals for the reception) I will schedule a time to have a chat over the phone and discuss this in detail

2. Quotation

I will send a detailed quote for the event clearly outlining the options discussed, along with my booking terms & conditions and a request for 20% of the total fee as a deposit. This is due within 30 days of the quote. (This allows me to secure the date for you - if any other requests for that date come up, I'll be in touch with you)

3. Lock it in, baby!

When you accept the quote and pay the 20% deposit, we are on track to get those vibes!

You will receive a form to provide info such as specific songs (e.g. for wedding ceremonies). This doesn't need to be provided straight away if you haven't decided yet, but the sooner it's done, the sooner I can work on perfecting the songs.

4. Finer Details

I will send a 'booking details' form for you to complete closer to the event date, so I've got all the 'nitty gritty' details to ensure the event runs smoothly. We will have a chat in the week leading up, to confirm any final changes or logistics. The balance of the payment is also due by this stage.

This is also a great time to have a look through our song list and let me know any "must have's" or "No-Go's" to make sure our selections are hitting the right notes (little music joke for you there!)

5. I'll see you there!

By now, the music is in our hands, and we will take good care of your event! We will generally arrive approx 30-40 mins prior to the booking time to set up and soundcheck then begin the music as guests arrive (or as otherwise outlined on the running sheet)

All you need to do, is relax! Enjoy your day, and I'll see you on the dancefloor!

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