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"Music! And then we can dance all night..."
- F Scott Fitzgerald
(The Great Gatsby)

When it comes to choosing the perfect solution for your entertainment, the choices are infinite.

Working with you to understand your vision, I can tailor a package to suit your event.  

A one-stop shop!​

Any combination of the options below will save you money and stress. Minimize the number of vendors coming and going throughout the event, streamline setup & soundcheck and allow a seamless transition between sets & set breaks.  

Why not start off the event with solo acoustic, then add a DJ/Band later in the night to get the dancefloor pumping!


Get in touch to discuss the perfect option for you. 



First Dance

With the ability to customise a unique version of your special song, this option is guaranteed to make your first dance an unforgettable experience.


Lighting Upgrade

Professional lighting and effects to take your event to the next level!

Offers a range of additional lighting and effects, including strobe, laser, smoke haze, and more. Make your event come alive with the awe-inspiring addition of professional lighting and effects.

(Staging also available)

A woman singing in a record studio

Custom Recording

Receive a personalised version of your special song to give as a gift. A professional recording of a song that is meaningful to you/your loved one. 


Vocal Coaching

Planning a special performance at your own wedding? 
With a one-on one vocal coaching session, you can learn how to better control your nerves while singing, acquire basic breathing techniques and gain beneficial feedback and advice on your performance. 

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