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Wedding planning is A LOT.

You're probably sick of filling in forms for different vendors, waiting around for a response, being ghosted by companies...

Wondering if it's easier to just elope (spoiler alert: It definitely is! And if you do that, I'd still love to sing for you!)



I've navigated the process myself. 

So, I've made my booking process as easy as possible!

After submitting the quote request

you will either receive

- an itemised quote outlining the services you've requested,

with easy payment options, and instructions for the next step


- a short and sweet email letting you know that

I'm unavailable on your selected date (#FOMO!!!)

I won't

- leave you hanging

- over complicate things

- bring any exotic pets to your event 

- wear socks and sandals (unless you ask me to... no judgement!)

So... I'm up for it if you're up for it!

Ready to get the party started?

Complete the form below
Alternatively, you can get in touch via

Let's do this!

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